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Profile Summary


  • Senior Scientist at CSIR-Central Road Research Institute(CRRI)

  • Received Distinction in Doctorate from IIT Delhi

  • Secured first rank among all M.E. Programs at IIT Delhi.

  • Research areas of interest include

    • Piezo-electric energy harvesting 

    • Structural health monitoring

    • Earthquake engineering

    • Vibration control devices

    • Bio-mechanics

    • Concrete fatigue

Research Accomplishments


  • Publications: 1 Book,  5 Book Chapters; 17 International Journal & 20 International Conference

  • Invention Disclosure/Patent:

    • Novel piezo based device for multipurpose non-destructive evaluation Vibro-Integrity Sensing Device (VInSD), patent numbered 202111057196

    • A novel energy harvesting solution for reinforced concrete structure

  • Transfer of Technology (ToT): PhD Research resulted in ToT to the industry

  • Seminars and Invited Lectures: Organized 6 workshops & delivered 16 lectures 

  • Peer Review Activities: Reviewed several (>30) papers for high IF SCI Intern' Journals

  • In Review Board of (a) Journal of Institute of Smart Structures and Systems

                                         (b) Construction and Building Materials (Elsevier)

                                         (c) Sensors and Actualtors: A Physical (Elsevier)

                                         (d) Journal of Testing and Evaluation (ASTM)

                                         (e) Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials & Structures

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